About The Music:

astoreygard_smallMy first CD, “Church Jazz,” was released in 2002 and was a winner in Jazz piano composition in the IBLA Grand Prize Piano and Voice Competition in Ragusa, Sicily. Because of that I was invited to play the lead piece on it, “Amazing Grace,” in Carnegie Hall in the 2003 IBLA Grand Prize New York Award’s Concert.

astoreygard2_smallThe second CD, “Just Havin’ Fun,” is a piano trio recording with drummer Dave Rogers, Joe Vick on bass, and vocalist Taylor Carlisle. It was released in 2006.

The third CD, “Third Time’s a Charm,” is also a piano trio CD with Dave Rogers on drums, Brian Wolverton on bass, with two vocals by Lawrence astoreygard3_smallHamilton. It was released in 2010. Our group was invited back to Carnegie Hall in 2011 to play one of the pieces on this CD.
We are just completing our fourth CD which we plan on calling “New Directions,” and we plan to release it in 2014. It will have a variety of music including jazz, blues, 3 vocals I’ve written, a jazz piano duet where I’m playing both parts, a spoken-word piece, and a couple of classical arrangements.