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Storeygard’s new record exudes positivity

From The Leader – June 25, 2020 Reprinted on this page with permission. Storeygard’s new record exudes positivity “I plan to Be Happy Again” from the Jacksonville doctor and pianist upbeat and fun. By Staff | on June 25, 2020 Dr. Alan Storeygard retired recently from Jacksonville Medical Center after nearly four decades of treating Continue Reading

It Gave Me Hope

“ I enjoyed listening to I PLAN TO BE HAPPY AGAIN! At a time I was feeling down it gave me hope.”

Susan Walker Allen Attorney- Music Lover

The Lyrics… The Emotion…

“This is a superb track. The lyrics, the emotion, et al, are smooth and well orchestrated creating an exceptional song. Kudos to you and your collaborators.”

Mike Vasilomanolakis Grammy Winning Executive Music Producer & Physician on the front lines in the ICU fighting COVID-19

Superbly Hopeful Single

Superbly hopeful single Alan Storeygard – I PLAN TO BE HAPPY AGAIN:  It’s been a while since I reviewed Alan’s tastefully crafted “Jazz Meets The Classics” album, where he got very high marks from me… in order to get “the scoop” on his new single/video, you need to watch his intimate and detailed introduction to the Continue Reading

Dick Metcalf https://contemporaryfusionreviews.com/superbly-hopeful-single/

What A Treat of the Classics!

When Jazz meets the classics, there is a world of possibilities! As I listened to this record, the music took me on a journey, particularly the running notes and gorgeous melody of the MOLDAU SYMPHONY, and the lilting 6/8 romance of ALESSIO’S SONG. The brushed drums add so many colors to the music fabric here. Continue Reading

Wouter Kellerman Grammy Winner for Best New Age Album - "Winds of Samsara" -2015. Two time Grammy Nominee

Wonderful, A True Gem

Alan is a real virtuoso, and my favorite track on this album is the Star Spangled Banner combined with Puccini (Nessun Dorma).. Continue Reading

Valerie Giglio Recording Artist - member of The Recording Academy

Unique And Brilliant

Storeygard, who is a pianist, composer, artist and physician, has taken classics such as Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” and added a twist to incorporate a jazz component in his own style. Continue Reading

Donna Hughes Publisher Spirit Seeker Magazine

Magnificent Imagination

Alan Storeygard’s magnificent imagination, and his magical fingers, have taken me to
the moon and back. The tracks evoke emotions from the jazz world and classical world,
that soar in a very gentle way. Continue Reading

Bobby Susser 5 Million CDs sold, 43 National Awards, Member of The Recording Academy, Recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Teachers College, Columbia University

Pure Perfection

In addition to his ten talented fingers, Alan has two finely tuned ears – because he is pure perfection when it comes to choosing just the right combination of classics to give his jazz treatment to. When you start with the most brilliant works of music ever written by such luminaries as Bach, Chopin and Continue Reading

Grant Maloy Smith https://www.amazon.com/Jazz-Meets-Classics-Alan-Storeygard/dp/B06XNJZZJ5/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497472516&sr=8-1&keywords=alan+storeygard+trio#customerReviews

Daunting Effort to Harmoniously Interweave…

Presented in appropriately colorful and detailed gatefold packaging, Jazz Meets the Classics overall succeeds in its daunting effort to harmoniously interweave its prevailing styles of neoclassical and traditional jazz music, and will likely appeal, especially, to fans who enjoy both genres! Continue Reading

Candice Michelle http://www.journeyscapesradio.com/blog/album_review_of_jazz_meets_the_classics_by_alan_storeygard

Stunning Blend

Stunning blend of classical masterpieces infused with a jazz twist. It takes tremendous expertise and versatility to make this work and Dr. Storeygard has done just that. Continue Reading

E. MIke Vasilomanolakis MD Executive Producer New Age

Something Special

(T)wo things that make this album exceptional are the selection of music and the fact that Storeygard seems to really know the originals. Obviously, there are many changes to these nine classical pieces, but Storeygard is very faithful to their essence, if not to the notes themselves. Continue Reading

Kathy Parsons mainlypiano.com http://mainlypiano.com/reviews/alan-storeygard-jazz-meets-the-classics

Classical/Jazz Review

What Alan does in the nine tracks presented here is illustrate that with some superlative piano arrangements. By maintaining the classical building blocks then rearranging and cross pollinating it, a jazz flavor emerges. It works very well and to be honest I absolutely loved it. Continue Reading

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck Founder of: MuzikMan Productions MuzikMan Reviews Write A Music Review Prog Rock Music Talk New Age Music Reviews Rate The Tracks http://www.newagemusicreviews.net/2017/05/alanstoreygardjazzmeetstheclassics.html

New CD another musical gem

Storeygard’s new release “Jazz meets the Classics” is another musical gem. He harmoniously weaves jazz, blues, and classical music as the mood strikes him. While he’s been influenced by Ramsey Lewis, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, and Bill Evans he has developed his own style – a world-class pianist, composer, arranger, and artist. Continue Reading

Garrick Feldman Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Leader

All I can say is – WOW!

All I can say is Wow! This is Grammy material for sure! I give Alan and his crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Continue Reading

Dick Metcalf Contemporary Fusion Reviews Jazz Meets The Classics - CD

Multi-talented artist

Alan and his friends play extremely well and this CD is a wonderful result of that. They immediately set up an atmosphere rich with flavor. Dr. Storeygard is a multi-talented artist always eager to explore, share, while creating his own musical language in the competitive world of the jazz scene. With brooding melodies, a swing Continue Reading

Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti President & Founder, IBLA Foundation & IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition -2014 New Directions

Gospelly Vibe

“When Dr. Storeygard performed at Carnegie Hall, his exquisite soothing church jazz tone filled the air with grace and spirituality. His warm gospelly vibe won him legions of fans. The hall became a place of worship, full of joy and different shades of supplication. A highly enjoyable contemplative piano playing that strikes just the right Continue Reading

Dr. Salvatore Moltisanti President & Founder, IBLA Foundation & IBLA Grand Prize International Music Competition - 2010 commenting about "Third Time's a Charm"

Top Notch

“Thoroughly enjoyed this album. “New Directions” is mainly an instrumental offering, with fantastic vocals on a few songs. The musicianship is top-notch and so is the sound and production. The songs flow seamlessly into each other. It works beautifully as an easy listening album. I would highly recommend this album.”  

Ricky Kej 2015 Grammy Winner for Best New Age Album “Winds of Samsara.” New Directions CD

Masterful Pianist

“Alan Storeygard is a masterful pianist, and this collection really demonstrates his marvelous abilities. Highly recommended.”

Laura Sullivan 2014 Grammy Winner for Best New Age Album “Love’s River.” 2014, Pianist, composer for TV & Film, commenting about “New Directions”

Wonderful Tenderness

“This album  is probably my favorite of Alan Storeygard’s work. It contains some fun renditions of holiday standards as well as other beautiful pieces so delightfully played by the piano master, Alan Storeygard. A stand-out is his original “Remembering You” which is composed and performed with wonderful tenderness.”  4/10/13  

Laura Sullivan 2014 Grammy Winner for Best New Age Album “Love’s River.” commenting about “Just Havin’ Fun.”

Vibrant and Eclectic

 ” A vibrant and eclectic recording, played with honesty and sincerity. Alan Storeygard is spreading his wings with no shortage of exuberance, and he invited us to come along for the fun ride.”  

Christopher Tin 2011 Grammy Winner for Best Classical Crossover Album & and for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist, “Calling All Dawns   commenting about “New Directions”   2014  

Renaissance Man

“Alan Storeygard is truly a special renaissance man. He is without a doubt a doctor who cares for his patients with the same passion that he approaches his art. He has often entertained my guests who along with me think he is the best jazz pianist west of the Mississippi.”  

Vincent Insalaco Movie Producer, Author, and Political Activist whose films include “War Eagle Arkansas” and “Warrior Champions”

Soulful and Brilliant

 “You are a soulful and brilliant musician. I felt the arrangements transported me to a different realm altogether…… Words fail me……..You moved me so.”  

Chandrika Tandon 2011 Grammy Nominee in Contemporary World Music       2014 commenting on “New Directions.”

Music To Soothe The Soul

“It takes a bit of artistic nerve to program an album without a truly up-tempo selection until Track 14! Alan Storeygard does this and pulls it off amazingly well with a wonderful collection of beautifully selected, performed, and recorded tunes from the jazz, classical, and popular worlds, his own harmonically lush imagination, and, of  course, Continue Reading

Jeff James Jeffery James Art Consulting, President – 4 Tay Records      2014 commenting about “New Directions”

Swings and Grooves

“Alan Storeygard presents  a wide variety of interesting and compelling material on this CD. His music speaks of sensitivity both to the tradition and richness of jazz and classical music, and yet it swings and grooves in all the right places.”  

Scott Healy 2014 Grammy Nominee for Best Instrumental Composition for “Koko on the Boulevard from “Hudson City Street,” by the Scott Healy  Ensemble     2014 commenting on “New Directions”

World Class

“Storeygard is a genius, a renaissance man – a world-class pianist, composer, physician, and artist. While he’s been influenced by Ramsey Lewis, Dave Brubeck, and Oscar Peterson, and Bill Evans, his own unique style has emerged which rivals all of these jazz greats.” Garrick Feldman

Garrick Feldman Editor-in-chief Arkansas Leader, Jazz & Blues Critic

Magnificent Fusion

I’ve been writing and recording children’s songs for 43 years, and I like listening to different styles of music when I’m not working. “New Directions” is one of the most unusual jazz albums I’ve ever heard. The fusion of so many styles of music on this disc is magnificent. “Dancing With the In Crowd” defies any listener to stand still. The rhythmic pianos came smoking through my speakers. The entire album will lift you up, ease you down, and you’ll want to play it again and again. Continue Reading

Bobby Susser 5 Million CDs sold, 43 National Awards, Member of The Recording Academy, Recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Teachers College, Columbia University

Teasing Resolution

 “I have all of Alan’s works and enjoy his musical creativity – teasing resolution with a certain chordal dissonance that is enjoyable listening for the professional or  non-professional music lover.”  

Julian Sparkes Former Lead Trumpet Player for Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders

This is Fun

“As soon as that first note strikes our ears, one feels the passion. At the same time, one can tell that these musicians are having fun. This is fun. “New Directions” is an album filled with creativity, taking us different paths, whether it would be expressed through jazz, classical, or a liturgical idiom….a reflection of Continue Reading

Vicente Avella pianist, member of The Recording Academy, 2013 Global Music Award Winner for “All the Days of My Life.” Winner for Best Solo Piano Album by One World Music, Nominee for Best Album of the Year by solopiano.com

Every Track Is A Winner

“Great Music! I have two of Storeygard’s CDs. Every track is a winner. I would highly recommend “Church Jazz”to anyone. By the way Storeygard’s LIVE performances are exquisite.

RB McGrath World-class artist, commenting about “Church Jazz” and “Just Havin’ Fun.” RB McGrath painted the covers for my 3rd and 4th CDs and likely will for my 5th.

Enjoyable As An Old Friendship

“Alan Storeygard’s new CD is easy listening in the best sense of the phrase. He has an easy, relaxed style that invites the listener to come on in and spend some quality time enjoying good music together. There are echoes of one of his music heroes Ramsey Lewis, as well as the great Horace Silver, Continue Reading

 Jeff James Jeffery James Art Consulting, President – 4 Tay Records    2010 commenting about “Third Time’s a Charm.”