This newsletter will introduce you to more of this album and the unique way in which it was conceived, created, and recorded- focusing on both Alan Storeygard‘s solo piano, and orchestrated arrangements of another huge orchestral movie soundtrack of John Barry- DANCES WITH WOLVES. Read and listen here, and please share.

The album takes Alan Storeygard and his listeners into another new direction of exploring 3 beautiful orchestral movie soundtracks of John Barry ( OUT OF AFRICA, SOMEWHERE IN TIME, and DANCES WITH WOLVES) totally rearranging them, adding new themes, and some jazz, and then re- orchestrating them. Read and listen here and please share.

On the last newsletter we introduced you to Alan Storeygard and his love for jazz. Though he was influenced by many jazz pianists, the common thread through all of his music is Ramsey Lewis- the multi Grammy winning jazz icon who produced over 60 albums in his career spanning 6 decades. He died at age 87 in 2022. Read and watch here, and please share.